Premium Quality Built to Last a Lifetime

Our modular fitness cabins are made bespoke to order and can come with a diverse range of specifications. Whether you would like something small for simple personal/family use or maybe you're a PT and take multiple clients at home. Either way we can take your ideas and make them a reality with our functional spaces.

We can incorporate showers, changing rooms and toilets - the choice is yours.

Fitness equipment -  Cabins can be provided empty or with full range of fitness equipment as required. 

Why go modular?

Built offsite and the finished buildings are transported directly to the customer. Our buildings normally do not require foundations, they come with adjustable legs which will allow them to be level on placement. Fitted with reinforced floors, insulated walls/roofs, double glazed windows, multiple double sockets, multiple spot lights and secure doors. 

If you decide to move house or don't require the cabin in the future you can simply have it removed without a trace. There is no dismantling or deconstruction required, meaning your cabin can be moved from home to home without worry.

Our 'Studio Cabins'  (18.58 do not require planning permission. The Planning and Development Acts generally allow limited exempted development. This means that it is not necessary to apply for planning permission for a garage, store, shed or similar structure on your property once it is within size limits. Please check with your local authority as rules vary regionally.

If you are interested in talking to one of the team please email us at or call 0852619430